3 ways to grow in Godly confidence.

3 ways to grow in Godly confidence.

How do we grow in Godly confidence?

First of all, let’s talk about what is Godly confidence is and how is it different to self-confidence.

Godly confidence is depending completely upon God, His strength, and his nature, but self-confidence is built upon your own strength. Most of us build our lives upon self confidence and we rely on our own abilities to achieve the life we want to have.

I build my confidence in my abilities, strengths, and my performance as a young adult and let me tell you, when my life started to change when I became a mum, my confidence in my own abilities changed and I knew that I needed to find a firm foundation for me to build my life upon.

For the last few years, I have been building my life upon a firm foundation of God’s word, my identity in Christ and who God is to me, and now I have Godly confidence.

The 3 things that you can do to grow in Godly confidence is:

1. Knowing who you are in Christ.

I found many passages in the Bible that tell me what God says about me. I need to know who I am in Christ, because it’s the only sure and stable foundation that I can build my life upon.

The opinions of what people think about us will change from time to time and we live in a world where things are constantly changing. The first step to building Godly confidence is knowing how you are in Christ.

A practical way to do this is to write up a list of statements of who you are in Christ, and memorize them. I did this a few years ago and put the list on my bathroom mirror, so every morning when I get ready, I read those statements out of who I am in Christ and it’s a powerful way to start the day. Knowing our identity in Christ is important in growing in Godly confidence, because it provides us with assurance and security.

Here's a few things I wrote down and memorized:

I am chosen (John 15:16)

I am strong (Is 40:3)

I am accepted (Rom 15:7)

I am forgiven (1John 1:9)

I am treasured (Deut 14:2)

I am created for purpose (Jere 29:11)

2. Who is God to you.

When I first started memorizing scriptures about my identity in Christ, I also discovered verses about who God is to me, and I realized I didn’t know that God was my shield, my firm foundation, my peace, my strength, my healer, my comforter, my resting place, and my assurance. I went on a journey to discover who God is to me, and it gave me such confidence to know he loved me, cares about me, has a great future ahead for me, and I can trust him with my life. We need to know God and his attributes and nature, so we can trust him and be confident in what he says.

A practical way to memorize who God is to you is to write a list down of verses that talk about God’s nature and character and look at that list every day, until you know it.

When you are sure of who God is to you, it will build a strong foundation for you to be able to flourish and thrive.

Heres a list of who God is to you:

My Rock (Psalm 18:2)

My Shepherd (Ps 23:1)

My Rock (Ps 18:2)

My Strength (Ps 28:7)

Redeemer (Isa 49:26)

Strong and Mighty (Ps:8)

3. Focus on what you are good at.

God made us all different and unique, and he made us special, custom made and there is no body quite like you. He gave you special talents, strengths, gifts, a custom-made personality and unique gifts for you to bless others with. Our life purpose is to give glory to God and to bless and love others. God gave you everything you need to do that.

Many times, we look at other people and think that what they have got is better than our gifts and we compare their best qualities with our weaknesses, and we lose confidence in what God blessed us with.

We all have our own race to run, God has given us a unique purpose and plan for our lives, that he wants us to achieve, down to the last assignment.

To run your race, you need to know what you are good at, and the talents, abilities, and gifts that God gave you, and develop those things and become excellent at them. When you know what you are good at, and you are running your race, your Godly confidence will soar!

I encourage you to spend a little bit of time with God and write down a list of your unique strengths, talents, abilities, and gifts that you have that you can use to bless others with.

What area do you need to focus on today to help you build more Godly confidence in your life?

The most important thing to do with building Godly confidence is making these 3 steps a daily habit in your life. I started doing this a few years ago and its now become an essential part of my day to go over who I am in Christ, who God is to me, and what gifts God has given me and how I can bless others with them.