Why is being kind so important?

Why is being kind so important?

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines kindness as ‘the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

When we practice kindness either to other people or towards ourselves we can experience positive mental and physical changes through lowering stress levels and increasing the body’s production of feel-good hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Being kind helps boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and reduce stress’.

Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God has forgiven you.”

This is a beautiful verse, and it talks about the importance of being kind and tender-hearted towards others, because God has forgiven us of our sins and given us eternal life.

Last week I bought something online and the lady I bought it from did not send me the package for a week. When I got in contact with her, she did not answer. I left it a few more days, and she finally reached out and said, “I am sending your package today, I am so sorry, I am going through a divorce and property settlement”. I wrote back “I am really sorry to hear that, I hope you are ok”.

She thanked me for my patience with her and for being understanding with the package being sent late. It made me think how it sometimes easy to be unkind to others, when we don't get our own way, but we don't know what other people are going through or facing, so its important we keep being intentional about our kindness as a priority in the how we treat others.

We are all facing situations in our lives, and when we are kind to others, it can bring peace and love into the interaction, and it can diffuse heightened emotions.

Physiologically, kindness can positively change your brain. Being kind boosts serotonin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters in the brain that give you feelings of satisfaction and well-being, and cause the pleasure/reward centers in your brain to light up. Endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain killer, also can be released.

When we show kindness, love, and compassion to others, it can demonstrate Gods love to them. When we are secure in Gods love for us, and how cherished and valued we are, we can freely show others kindness, and when we do, it can make a big impact on them.

I believe that when we are kind, considerate, compassionate and loving towards others, it is showing other people how you would like to be treated, it gives them an example that you would like them to follow.

Just like many other things in our lives, we need to develop a habit of being kind, and be intentional about it. I know that the last few years, I have been building the habit of being kind to people when I got shopping. I intentionally go to the shops, thinking about the ways that I can show kindness to others, how I can be helpful or make somebodies day.

What are some simple ways that you can show kindness to others?

Smile at somebody

Cook a meal for a neighbour or a friend

Buy someone flowers

Ring someone and encourage them

Give someone a hug

When we show kindness, compassion and love towards others, it really sets us apart and people notice, as we display this behaviour, we are shining the love of Christ to whoever we are around.

What can you do this week to show Gods love, his kindness and compassionate to others?