You are a Gift

You are a gift.

What we are is Gods gift to us, what we become is our gift to God” - Eleanor Powell

I love birthdays and Christmas. I love all the decorations, food, but mostly I love celebrating others. I love buying them a gift I know they will love, and preparing their favour food, and doing special things for them, as a display of my love and care for them.

My favourite thing about occasions is the GIFT!!

I love finding out what the person loves and then purchasing that gift, wrapping in up and writing on the card.

I love watching people read the card and open the gift and see them fill up with joy and love.

Just like a birthday or Christmas present, YOU are a gift.

God made you to bring joy to others. God made you with a specific personality, with certain gifts, skills, talents, abilities, likes and dislikes, and God knew that the world needed someone like you at this time, with everything you have to contribute, encourage, bless and inspire others.

Many times we forget how special we are. Maybe you didn’t grow up with someone who saw the best in you, or maybe friends or colleges only saw your faults. Maybe you made mistakes and you find it hard to like who you are because of your past.

We can’t rely on others to give us our identity, because people opinions of us will change.

We can only ever rely on God to give us our identity, and allow what Gods word says about us to be our foundation and our truth. When we know who we are in God, we can really appreciate who God made us to be and see ourselves as the gift that God created us to be.

The first time you meet somebody and introduce yourself, there are many things about you that are different, unique and unlike anyone else. As we discover what is unique about each other, we can really appreciate how deliberate God is in the way he made us.

Think about a time when you opened a present and you were surprised and shocked because it was such a wonderful gift and you loved it. That’s what its like when people “open you up”.

Our life experience is a gift that we can share with others, and as we share our stories and our testimonies of what God has done, it becomes a gift to others, as it will inspire and bless them.

Today, I want you to think of yourself as a gift. Write down a list of things that are unique about you. write down the identity statements that God says about you. As you go over that list, think about yourself as a birthday gift and when people meet you and start talking to you, they are unwrapping that gift and being filled with joy, because of how wonderful it is.

God gave us the ultimate gift when he sent Jesus to earth, to die for us, so that we could have forgiveness of our sins and have everlasting life and have a relationship with him. He gave us the gift of his word to lead and guide us throughout his life. He gave us a gift in the Holy Spirit.

“Every good gift, every perfect gift comes from above. These gifts come down from the Father, the creator of the heavenly lights, in whose character there is no change at all.“ James 1:17