How to build habits in friendships.

How to build habits in friendships.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11

What are the most important habits to build when it comes to strengthening friendships?

I believe that friendships are part of God’s plan for our lives.

God made us to be connected to one another, encourage each other and enjoy life together.

I have learnt that building habits in my friendships has helped me be more intentional and purposeful and this has helped me be a better friend.

We all love being around people who are fun, loving, kind, thoughtful, generous and positive.

Have you ever had a friend that when you spent time with them, you always felt encouraged and inspired?

Its great to have friendships like that in our lives, but we can also be a great friend to others, by building habits that help strengthen and encourage others.

The 3 most habits that I believe are the most important when it comes to building and strengthening friendships are:

1.  Be a generous friend

Be generous with your time, your words and your affection. When you are with your friends, be present, engaged, focused and think of ways that you can add to that friends life when you spend time with them.


2.  Be an encouraging friend

When you spend time with someone, use your words to build them up, and find things that they are good at and encourage them. If they are good at a certain hobby or a sport or at their job, encourage them by telling them what you think about them.


3.  Be an intentional friend

Be purposeful and intentional about how you build your friendships. Set a time each week to call a friend and ask how they are going. Set a time to go for a walk with a friend and enjoy the time together. Be intentional about when you connect with someone and before you spend time with them, pray and ask God if theres anything he wants you to ask them or pray for them.


Friendships are a gift from God and they can be such a blessing to our lives. We can all improve in our skills in being better friends and I believe the way to do that is to start habits in our friendships so that we can strengthen them.


“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul” Proverbs 27:9