What you can learn from others.

Follow the Leader.

"The Lord says, I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you." Psalm 32:8

A couple of years ago, I went for a bushwalk to a beautiful lookout. It took about 45 minutes and I followed a rough path that had been made by people walking over the track constantly. When I first started out on the walk, all I could see was a rough track through the grass, so I followed it and it lead me to the lookout. On the way down, I thought I would go another way and it would be quicker, but because there wasn’t a pathway carved out, it took me twice as long to find my way back to the car.

It is the same thing with our pathway towards healing. There are many people that have been through something similar and have walked through the same pain, disappointment, hurt, rejection, trauma or grief. 

You are not the first one to go through it. 

There are people that have walked through their seasons of healing and carved out a pathway for those of us coming through behind them.

Throughout our lives, we need God to lead and guide us. He knows the best pathway for us to take. What are you going through today? What area do you need God's wisdom and guidance?

Many times when we start to experience challenges, it is easy to think we are the only one facing it. Its easy to look around us and see other people’s lives and think they have it all together. Its easy to feel alone and that you are never going to get through it. But the reality is, that there is probably someone who has been through the same thing or even worse, that has pushed through, faced the challenges, got the healing and come out the other side full of courage, wisdom and strength.

It is really important to get connected with others who have faced the same thing and come through it, or read testimonies and stories of others overcoming challenges and filling your mind with their victory stories.

One day you are going to be the person who shares your testimony of triumph to others and share all of your wisdom, tools and advice on what helped you to on your journey of healing. 

Right now you are discovering tools to help you navigate whatever you are facing, and those tools are going to be vital to someone else one day. You can look at your healing to journey as a opportunity to learn new skills to teach others how to get their healing.

Just like when I went for the bushwalk and I used to track that others had used, when we talk to others who have been brave enough to walk through difficult seasons and come out the other side of them, we can learn valuable lessons that will help us, as we continue to move forward.

Look at all the roads in your suburb. Someone had to mark out those roads and build them, so you could drive your car on them to take you where you needed to go.

I love this verse in Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light unto my path".

God's word can give us guidance and help us make decision. It can help us find direction when we feel lost.

One day you are going to inspire someone with your testimony of what you have been through and what God has done. There are people right now that need to here that you got through today, even though it was hard. 

God uses everything that we go through for his glory and the benefit of others. 

Nothing will be wasted. If we let him, God will use our whole life as a testimony of his faithfulness, provision, healing, power and his love for us and others.

So keep walking forward. Don’t stop, don’t look back. Keep carving out a pathway ahead for others, and fill your mind with testimonies of others who have marked out a roadmap for you. One day, you are going to be on the top of the mountain, feeling triumph and will have the opportunity to show others how to get there.

God will lead and guide you as you take the steps forward on your healing journey.